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Brand Experience  //  Brand Design  //  Creative Direction


  • 12% increase in purchase intent for those who visited the tent

  • 14% increase in positive likelihood guests would recommend 3M

  • 85,974,546 total social (organic, paid and earned) impressions

  • 55,900,000 earned impressions across TV, radio and online outlets

  • Record number of visitors to the 3M experience compared to 7 previous years


To help increase brand understanding, familiarity and loyalty with the 25-45 year old SXSW audience, we used design thinking to create an immersive experience to engage with attendees of SXSW that educated them on what 3M is doing to improve lives and the importance of collaborating for a better future. 

To show what the world would look like in 2050 with 9 billion humans, we created an immersive experience that transformed from a space that is overwhelming and dark to a space that is inspiring and bright. It provided an opportunity for attendees to engage in conversation with 3M sustainability experts on what we, as one company are doing, but more importantly what we can do together to improve lives.




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