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Brand Experience  //  Brand Design  //  Creative Direction

My responsibilities include the design of the entire brand experience of the 3M Open, including:

  • 3M Open brand design: logo, creative assets, design approach

  • Trophy design

  • Fan experience: Social Hub

  • Television assets: tee backs, signage, brand moments

  • Marketing collateral

  • Charity theme (2019: Golf That Matters, 2020: Power of Community)

  • Brand activation, including influencer program, digital and video content

For 2020, we partnered with Josh Duhamel to create a story around his search for a better golf game. This journey brought him to 3M's Innovation Center, TaylorMade HQ, and to the 3M Open.  

We created a content journey with assets for paid media. This content had a reach of 105 million on social, with 160,000 completed video views. For PR, we received 9,000 mentions and a reach of nearly 16 billion.

3M Open

Beginning in 2019, 3M began hosting a PGA TOUR stop. To bring this to life, I was tasked with creating the Tournament logo and brand approach, marketing strategy, influencer program, and on-course experience design. For the 2020 tournament, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to shift to a fan-free experience. 


2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

YEAR 1 Results

  • 2019 Projected Sales: $1,709,125,000

  • Customer Ratings: Rated the overall experience a 4.9 out of 5!

  • Media Impressions: 15.5 Billion

  • Earned Social Impressions:  827.31 Million

  • Donated to charity: $2.5 Million

  • Attendance: 140,000

  • TV: 19 Million


YEAR 2 Results

  • Video Completions: 160,000

  • Reach: +60% over 2019

  • Sentiment: 99% Positive/Neutral

  • Media Mentions: 9,000

  • Donated to charity: $1.5 Million

  • TV: 22 Million


2022 3M Open - 3M Science Dome

2021 3M Open - Same Science

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