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Exhibits were created for various types of thinkers/learning styles

Instead of grouping our audiences by what they do or where they’re from, we developed an approached based off of how they think. We recognize different people absorb and process information differently, therefore, all of the exhibits were created so that regardless of one’s preferred method of learning (or thinking style), any exhibit will be meaningful and easily absorbed.

These “thinking styles” are

  • Conceptual: drawn in by big ideas; they see the big picture

  • Analytical: learn through objectivity or through application

  • Social: driven by empathy and/or human relations


Regardless of background or title, consider that every visitor enters this space with a common purpose: to discover new ways of thinking, seeing, and doing that move our shared goals forward.


I oversaw the design and development of 3M's new Innovation Center in Washington, D.C. at our offices near the Capitol to showcase how 3M Science is solving some of today’s biggest challenges. The Center highlights solutions for specific customer needs, and enables more convenient collaboration with key decision makers in D.C. and across the East Coast.

Based in research and leveraging the Smithsonian's approach to guest engagement, this is a whole new approach for 3M and one that will serve as the global approach for all Innovation Centers.



We created a new Innovation Center in our Washington DC offices. This IC is the first of our Innovation Centers to integrate our new brand platform “3M Science. Applied to Life.™” into the experience from the beginning of the creative process all the way through to opening. Our externally collected platform insights and our qualitative research of this project told us that customers care about how 3M solves their problems, optimizes their processes, and develops new products that make a difference for them. Customers want to know that we understand their business and the trends in their industries, and how we can help address their challenges.


It was evident that as a company, we needed to be more externally facing – thinking bigger than our businesses or technology platforms and more through the continued lens of Customer First; what needs do they have that we can solve? The experience was not only created to do just that, but to serve as a proof point for future ICs, ensuring 3M’s experiences are consistent across the globe.



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